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Samuel Mwangi from Kenya message

Samuel Mwangi from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used car.This has been a really educative site as we have been drivers on the road but without the actual knowhow about the cars we drive at times. You guys have really shed more light on how to bring out a better driving experience on our Kenyan roads. We really need more of these kind of topics so as we can be careeful, skilled and knowledgable drivers behind the wheel. Other than that, you guys have really tried helping your customers on how to maintain the machines (car) apart from just driving it. On my part i have learnt alot since i joined the CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used car group.
Well fortunately i have really tried hard enough to save for a family car since i began working in the year 2013 but I’ve not managed as of now. So i see this as a golden opportunity for a loyal customer earning a loyalty gift for the summer also considering the December festives are almost here. Thank you for the oppotrunity CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used car.

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