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Sajda Pamela Maiden from Malawi message

Sajda Pamela Maiden from Malawi message
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you should pick me as a winner because i love cars from Japan and i am the best candidate to spread the word to a lot of more people now and after i win, people who want to buy cars that they should buy cars from Japan, because they are the best cars they can get. i have already tried my best to send the message to all my friends and family about Japan Cars and how good they are and if i win i will get to have my own car and i will be able to travel and show people around the world just how Japan cars are the best cars ever in the world. I love traveling already and if i win it will be much simpler for me and the best part is the fact that the car that i win will be the best proof and story to the people i will reach out to as i travel and tell the best story about cars from Japan. Those are some of the reasons i think should let you pick me as the winner.

What i think about cars from Japan is that they are the best cars in the world in that they are affordable,they are law in fuel consumption as such they are very reliable and trustworth even economic wise. To add to all being said the designs are even getting better and better now i would say they are the current best designed cars in the world and that is one of the reasons why i love them soo much.

I have also heard about how some of the cars from Japan like the Honda Arccord have easy driving feel and i would love more than anything love to feel that and get that amazing experience. Not to mention the Mazda 6 which is one of the best cars and best for everyone, young as well as old people and has an engine which is smooth and performs amazingly well with the available six-speed manual transmission,i want to have all these experiences. They ought to be the greatest experiences in a person’s life when it comes to cars.

Much as i haven’t had the chance to experience the feel of the cars as a driver of one of the cars from Japan i had the laxually to experience the feel, the comfort, the amazing interiors of Japan cars and its amazingly unbelievable. even when the car is being driven on a damaged road with so many potholes the comfort is just amazing that one can barely feel the potholes.

the speed is also something else i don’t even know how to describe it i just think the cars from Japan are really astonishing. I have been saving money to get myself a car, the money that am saving now is for me to get myself a car from Japan and as i get older i hope to not just have one car from Japan but a lot more cars. as much as i can afford with the savings that i will have.

I also know that considering the fact that the cars from Japan are affordable i know it will not take me long to save enough to get myself a best car from Japan because those are the only cars i can get.

Make me a winner now so that i should have the experience of driving one these best cars in the world sooner and also that i can show to the world just how great these cars are. It would be such an honor to drive one of the best cars in the world. cars from Japan.

With regards,

Sajda Pamela Maiden.

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