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saduru nuru from Tanzania message

saduru nuru from Tanzania message
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Thanks for joining me in this competition and am ready to compete with others. I need to say few things to you , first I agreed with your conditions and ready to be a good campaigner in Tanzania by advertising and convincing Tanzanians and non Tanzanians about your car(Japan car) in and abroad the country. secondary I will enhance this campaign through university student who seems a constant buyers of car by inviting them in different Japan car showroom in and out the country things that will increase Japan car market. Third is about appreciation of your car featured with resemble with Tanzania’s environment. Fourth I am very Happy to give advice for today and tomorrow’s Japan car market as like to establishes different Japan car showroom not only in big city as it happens here in Tanzania but also is best to establishes in municipal Japan showroom . lastly it like my oath to you that I am ready to be your ambassador even if I won’t win this competition.

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