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Ryan Knutson from USA message

Ryan Knutson from USA message
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To start, I have always been intrigued by the Japanese culture. I took Japanese in high school and most of my friends were at least part Japanese. I like everything about Japan, the food, the language, the girls, and especially the cars. I am a mechanical engineering student and I love understanding how things work and move, cars are no exception. There’s just something about Japan that makes all of their products really show off their quality. As a student I don’t have much plans to buy a car but if I had to, I’d buy a Japanese used car. Japanese cars last a life time and that’s one of the best things that I admire of them.

I hope to win this giveaway from CAR FROM JAPAN because as a college student I would actually use and appreciate it. I would be able to drive to work or internships, drive to school, take my girlfriend out to dinner (she is Japanese too :D). The car would not sit in a garage or just get pawned off, it’d be driven like it deserves to.

As for what I think about CAR FROM JAPAN, I think their business model is pretty impressive. Imports can be a pain to deal with but they handle it all. Simply find a car you like, pay the price (from what I saw, the prices looked pretty fair) and before you know it, you have your car delivered to the port of your choice. It is definitely something I would consider if I were in the market to buy a car, but at the moment I can not afford to buy a car and pay for school at the same time. That’s why I’m entering this giveaway!

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