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Rutendo R Gukwe from Zimbabwe message

Rutendo R Gukwe from Zimbabwe message
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Hi ,

First and foremost i would like to thank you (CAR FROM JAPAN) for affording us the opportunity to advise Japanese used cars for those who did not know it and to change lives with the cars and voucher’s you will be giving away. Not many organizations give back to the community but you have done that yourselves. For that, May my Father’s God of Apostole Aaron Chavani (The leader of Heart of Healing Ministries International) bless you abundantly.
Being a strong young African woman, you are called names and man try shutting you down so that one day they can say ‘we told you men are the leaders and you can never be one”, adding the pain with laughs to pull us down. A world can only be changed by individuals and women who choose not to follow the social laws that have been stereotyped in but, have a passion to change the world. It cannot be done by forming random groups etc because people pull each other down but by mature, visionaries, strong individuals who are prepared to climb the tallest mountains, walk on water and cross rivers and to do the unthinkable with God..

This car from CAR FROM JAPAN will afford me an opportunity to reach my country Zimbabwe mainly in the rural areas, not only preaching encouraging information but also starting small scale businesses to uplift young girls as the saying says catch them young and watch them grow says. It is hard changing the social beliefs placed in woman when they are married and in their thirties and above as the stereotype would have already affected them. As a young lady i will be going to the rural areas that do not have any modern facilities to build/ start leaderships in them and businesses that will one day be the talk of the world.

I am a young 26 year old lady, God fearing, who has gone against all odds to get a degree and now am working and taking care of my siblings but in 5 years i will be more than what the eye sees. Many young girls and ladies are going to change the world once they know the strength within them and what they are capable of doing.

Never look down upon yourself or background because we all God has major plans in our lives to prosper us in all sectors and not bad plans. (Jeremiah 29:11).


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