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Ruiti Aretaake from Kiribati message

Ruiti Aretaake from Kiribati message
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I have been hearing about Cars from Japan but I don’t really know whether this is really existing. With the email sent to my email I manage to enter into this competition to check it out. I’ve seen people driving cars with symbols of Car from Japan and they really look great but wonder how much they really are if you have to order from the Pacific Islands such as Kiribati. Cheaper cars are what we are looking for especially those with less usage of fuel. The reason for having lesser usage of fuel cars in Kiribati is that we are very isolated from the rest of the world and we depend mostly on imported stuff such as fuel.

To experience the use of Cars from Japan in rural areas, would be very good and using motorbikes is not really safe especially with the increasing temperature. Having a car from Japan with good condition would help visiting rural communities in transporting development project materials which people cannot take on the motorbike.

The use of the best car quality on the island would enable more communities to wanting to ride on these cars and to assist with community activities.

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