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Rick Jamu from Zimbabwe message

Rick Jamu from Zimbabwe message
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Thank you Car from Japan for this wonderful opportunity that you offer us you valued customers, to win these free vehicles that you offer us year after year. It is a great chance that you give your clientele year in and out as you show your great corporate responsibility. There are a lot of organizations that compete with you in this industry, but you definitely rank the best as you are comparable to none. The cars your are offering for free as prizes are actually our choices. Where do you get this kind of service. Your service is definitely second to none. Imagine either a brand new or a very good used car for free. You truly top the list of world class service and societal responsibility. And to top it up, you deliver the car to my country of residence free of charge. What an orginisation. I am really thrilled to be dealing with you and I would love to be your brand ambassador in Zimbabwe. I am a retired aviation technician with vast experience and great love for cars, I will show Zimbabwe what products, condition and prices you have on offer. I love you CARS FROM JAPAN.

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