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Rhodah Kumwenda from Malawi message

Rhodah Kumwenda from Malawi message
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you need to pick me as a winner so that i can be an ambassador for CAR FROM JAPAN in my country. people should know and start thinking of buying cars from japan as they are of reasonable price.

CAR FROM JAPAN This is a competition conducted every year where cars are being given to lucky winner in different countries and with different consolation prizes. This is the third year when this completion is conducted since its launch two years ago and people from different countries have been winning vehicles, Car from Japan is a completion that has been organised to give back to its customers from the support that the customers has been offering to the company. we thank the Company for having people’s requirements at heart and thank also the sponsors that have made this completion possible so that people like us can benefit form this. Lastly i hope the completion will be free and fair to all

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