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Rejoice Nobubelo Nkomo from Zimbabwe message

Rejoice Nobubelo Nkomo from Zimbabwe message
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I should be picked because I because competitions of cars are usually won by men so as a woman I also think women also deserve to win in these competitions. The other thing I’m a university student my parents sacrifice a lot to pay for my tuition fees . I cannot ask them to buy me a car because the money is not there and because I don’t want to be seen as an ungrateful child, so by winning a car I will be happy because this means my parents won’t struggle looking for transport money everyday as there will now be easy access of transport. Nowadays in varsity students engage in prostitution for a fancy life . Sugar daddies buy them cars and clothes in exchange for sex at the end of the day they get sexual transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS hence I don’t want to engage in such a behaviour I would be happy to win without having to pay with my life for a car.

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