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Regina ada from Nigeria message

Regina ada from Nigeria message
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Car from japan is a breath of fresh air especially for those of us in Africa. Car from japan has provided a platform for us to purchase cars with peace of mind. The era and days of dubious agents and officials in car business is certainly numbered if not over. With car from japan, we now have access to any and every brand or variety of car, and moreover there is access to any model at unbeatable price available than anywhere in the world . Car from japan has a car for everyone and is not only a platform to purchase cars but also to get any news or happenings including new trends and development in the global car industry. Of course the only place to get the newest model of any brand is definitely at car from japan. With car from japan, the era of fake or substandard spare parts is also numbered. The sight of numerous grounded cars on the streets of Nigeria, as a result of bad spares would soon be a thing of the past, as car from japan provides a cheap, honest and quick means of procuring genuine spares of every type of car on earth. This will go a long way in prolonging the useful life of cars, as frequent breakages will now be minimized. This will also reduce the expenses incurred by car owners in affecting repairs, with the reduction of frequency of breakdowns. An important fact to highlight again is the quality of online support and assistance available to clients of car from japan. This online help is second to none as there is someone always available to attend to any issues from customers anytime and any day. In addition, the website also provides a maintenance tips, car reviews, car facts and comparison, all in the effort of assisting the customers to have a background information on whatever brand they are interested in purchasing. There is an online tracking system that helps to track your purchase until delivery. This is simply amazing and no matter the way one looks at it, car from japan represents good value for money with peace of mind. Cars from japan are known for their very high quality. The are durable, long lasting, user and consumer friendliness, high fuel economy, ruggedeness, sleek and state of the art. They are known to combine high tech, maximum comfort, beautiful interiors, safety and entartainment in their construction. In fact cars from japan are GOOD PRODUCT DERIVED FROM GOOD THINKING. No wonder they have taken over the world’s auto market. Because of their low fuel consumption and consequently low carbon emissions, they are also eco-friendly. No other time in the human race has great emphasis been placed on reducing the carbon emissions. The depleting ozone layer, coupled with high tempratures and rise in sea level has lead to a global outcry from many government for the reduction of carbon emissions. Cars from japan are at the forefront of this crusade and has even before the agitations started developing technologies that require very little fuel. All over the world, cars from japan are known for their quality and compromise of any aspects of its quality is not allowed. Furthermore the spare parts of cars from japan are also readily available, making their maintenability very easy and affordable. The spare parts also have a very high reliability and do not fail so easily, thereby improving the overall reliability of cars from japan. One thing i will like to point out is the rapid decline of well trained personnel that can analyse and repair faults in cars from japan. Down here in africa, greater number of vehicle repair personell are found among school dropout and people with no basic education. The fast pace of development in the automobile industry has rendered these group of mechanic incompetent to handle any aspect of these new generation automobile. This has resulted in many cars been grounded and left to waste away as a result of unavailable skilled personnel to analyze the faults and effect repair. Virtually every aspect of today’s cars has been highlly influenced by auto electronics and computer, thus rendering the mechanics of yesteryears irrelevant. There is therefore the need to as a matter of urgency train personels that can keep up with the pace of advancement in the industry. I think i should be picked as the winner because i will readily be available not only to be trained to support the new generation cars from japan, but to also assist in training others. With the skills that i will acquire from the training, i will mount a very serious crusade of EVERY CAR FROM JAPAN ON THE MOVE, and ensure that no car from japan is grounded as a result of non available of trainned personnel to attend to faults. This action will go a long way in sustaining the customer base of cars from japan, as the customers will have a full assurance that their cars from japan will never be grounded for any reason. I have always had an interest in the servicing and maintenance of autos and this may be my chance to actualise that dream. This will also enable car from japan to have a good relationship with their customers which is also very crucial in developing a good feedback mechanism to enable car from japan access the impact of their latest innovation in the auto industry. Another aspects where i think cars from japan can take a stranglehold on the automobile market is to actually establish an assembly plant in nigeria. All through various places in nigeria, there are littered abandoned scrap vehicle parts which litter all over the place. with an assembly plant in the country, these scrap car parts can be recycled to provide a means of getting fresh car parts that can be reused. This will not only generate great profit for car from japan, but will also create job opportunities for the customers

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