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Rebecca Hammond from USA message

Rebecca Hammond from USA message
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Cars from Japan are the best . I only buy Japenese used cars around two or three years old. I know they will last for as long as I want them to.I am on my third used Nissan Sentra, this one is a 2014 , perfect all around car except the package is SV not SR so I’m hoping to have a sunroof put in while it’s still under factory warranty for $1000.00 by Terry Lee Auto in Noblesville, IN. If you buy a car there tell them Rebecca Hammond recommended them and I can have $100.00 for recommending the dealership. No matter where you drive I recommend cars from Japan to get you where your going because they are so dependable. My husband works at the factory where they make the wheels for Nissan and other cars from Japan in Walesboro, IN 47201. We are very thankful for cars from Japan!! Please do yourself a favor and buy a Japanese used car today! You won’t regret it! I for one would be honored to win a car from Japan!

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