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Raymond Mugabe from Uganda message

Raymond Mugabe from Uganda message
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There are several reasons why i think you should pick me as the winner:-

  1. I found your email from spam folder and i had to take TIME to follow it and to EXACTLY as it says. And this is always unlikely of me following an email from spam folder.
  2. I have TRUSTED CAR FROM JAPAN with over 1000 active friends on Facebook, thousands of viewers on Google+, and Twitter.
  3. I think you are genuine and not an internet scam or opportunists, which is why i did not HESITATE to follow this campaign.
  4. Am ready to PARTNER with you and/or PARTICIPATE in any campaign as long as it adds value to CAR FROM JAPAN because I believe that this is a serious investment, and can be trusted.
  5. I think i have the CHARISMA to be a representative for your sponsors and your brand because i am FOCUSED and can be CREATIVE in the area of BRAND VISIBILITY in my region.
  6. I think that i should be picked as a winner because i take this campaign SERIOUSLY and i hope that if at all i don’t win and there is any form of partnership with you please always get me hooked.
  7. I think i should be picked as a winner because I got HOOKED to your website for over 2HOURS because your online system is interactive and i had to BELIEVED in this promotion the moment i saw it.
  8. I have PASSION for business and partnership with INNOVATIVE organizations at any level.

This is What i think about CAR FROM JAPAN:-

  1. Firstly, the impression i get is that this is a SERIOUS investment and needs SERIOUS partners like me.
  2. With this level of INTERACTIVITY (of course measured according to the amount of time i have spent on this website and ease of navigation of your website), CAR FROM JAPAN will be the NEXT-BIG-THING in online car trade in the coming few months.
  3. I think CAR FROM JAPAN will garner more VISIBILITY across the globe because of this kind of campaign and how it informs people about it’s COMPETITIVE car prices. And whether one wins or looses in this campaign, they will still use this as a POSITIVE and/or TRUSTED reference for buying cars online.
  4. I think this is a very well thought campaign it MUST work for you for as long as you keep the commitment in QUALITY services and CARS or PRODUCTS.

Thank you!

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