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Rawekai Teaioro from Kiribati message

Rawekai Teaioro from Kiribati message
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First of all from the bottom of my heart I want to say thanks towards the Marketing Team including the sponsors to allow me joining this competition.

So far I’m working hard trying to reach the goal what’s you’re concerned to become one of the winner candidate.
I prefer your vehicles because of maintenance is less costly and last longer thats why I prefer car from Japan my best car ever and its performance is good. ….so let me rate you 100% and all stars because u care
I’m fully aware supporting Car from Japan, having good gualities; worthy they’re stay longer and are the best customer service in the world. I am really pleased if you grants to be your representative in my country ( Kiribati ), to represent in many ways; to advertise, boost for profit also to compete to other car dealers, as it’s parts of my business to assist the development of the Car from Japan in my country, in this case to help my value customers and everyone from my behalf to buy cars from Car from Japan, as I believe nowadays the selling of cars will goes faster and smoothly because of the completion of the main road in my country plus marking in history a big project at the end of this year 2016.
I have many friends who have bought Japanese used cars and are very happy with the service they are getting from their vehicles, especially in terms of fuel economy and maintenance costs, not to leave out comfort as well. I would love to be the proud owner of a Japanese used car such as a Toyota Prado or Honda crv from CAR FROM JAPAN which would really suit my work environment. The other beauty about Japanese used cars is that should the time come to upgrade to a different vehicle, the resale value of Japanese used cars is very good, and CAR FROM JAPAN has a well established reputation and as such getting another Japanese used car will be very easy with their qualified and friendly staff, not to mention the affordability and great deals provided by CAR FROM JAPAN.
Getting closer to the end, all the best and good luck to everyone participate in this competition. Once again I convey my gratitude to the Marketing Team for such a great opportunity that’s I’m taking part of it, again and lastly I’m really supporting Car from Japan and I’m wishing to be one of your winner candidate, from now and forever is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely, Rawekai Teaioro

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