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Rasela Faasau-Maiava from Samoa message

Rasela Faasau-Maiava from Samoa message
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I am the only bread winner of our family here in Samoa. I’ve been admired some friends and relatives of mine who are normal customers for CAR FROM JAPAN. I’ve been interested also in buying a car from your company but I cannot with my financial constraints. I love CAR FROM JAPAN because this is the only Car Dealer from Japan that it is easy for us here in Samoa to get information on Cars from Japan. I always pick to buy cars from Japan because they are the best to me. I also heard from some friends here that Japanese used cars are 100 % reliable to be used here in our country. I would love to be a fan of your car dealer because I work in one of the top government offices of Samoa. Our country is small but we the people are all connected to each other. If I get selected I will send informations of your car dealers to not only to all government Chief Executive Officers but also the Members of our Government and greater word can quickly get to all the business people of our country because I work as an Executive Assistant to the Commissioners of the office of Public Service Commission here in Samoa. As I said, we are all connected, but the advantage of my work can quickly spread the word of your CAR FROM JAPAN business…. We also have connections to our relatives not only in New Zealand, Australia the United States of America and I also have a sister in Canada who is married to a Canadian. The husband works at the Asian Development Bank in Vanuatu and whallah…… it can link your company to the most popular people there. There is 100% guarantee that advertisement of your company can be quite popular if you choose me to be your winner for this year. To me CAR FROM JAPAN is the best car dealer that I have known… I also have a sister who bought a Toyoto Suzuki from your Company last two years and I usually borrow her car to do my shopping and take my kids to school. But the only problem is that I have 6 kids and they won’t all fit in the mini suzuki. The bright side of my story is that the car is fantastic and it is still brand new. The other good side of Japanese used cars is that they are very affordable. We are lucky to have informations of CAR FROM JAPAN in order for us here in Samoa to be able to buy best quality cars affordable to our financial capacity. CAR FROM JAPAN …. YOU ARE THE BEST PROVIDER OF JAPANESE USED CARS (BEST QUALITY CARS) AT A VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE …. Hope you will always stay true to your customers so that we can still have connections to vehicles manufactured by Japan because to me they are the best cars. Japanese peole are very brainy and smart…. and the goods you manufactured are always well chosen by people around the world,
Especially cars…. Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN for that awesome service. Looking forward to hear from you

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