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Raquel Jadoonanan from Trinidad And Tobago message

Raquel Jadoonanan from Trinidad And Tobago message
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Good day Lan Phan Chief Marketing Officer, CAR FROM JAPAN CO., LTD or to whom it may be concerned. I Raquel Jadoonanan of Trinidad and Tobago W.I you should pick me as the winner for the car. What i think about cars from Japan i think there extremely affordable because both my father and fiance both cars from Japan and both was pleased. The exterior and interior was in great condition due to the car being foreign used. As soo far both cars are still in great condition really cant complain. The works of the car and everything top of the line as they say i would recommed to anyone to buy cars from Japan. I would love to be the winner of the car because i would love to own a car or my own for my daughter and I so i really do hope i win i would truly be grateful and thankful.

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