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Raphael Mtaki from Tanzania message

Raphael Mtaki from Tanzania message
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CAR FROM JAPAN (Japan Used Car)
On 1st of October 2016, i had an accident when driving back from Arusha City (Tanzania ) to Moshi Town (Tz) where i work. I was driving my 2005 Mazda demio and its all gone from the accident. Till now i dont know what happened but thanks to my God for saving me and i have small bruises on my neck and shoulder.
I had paid a third party Insurance which wont make me be paid my vehicle rather than am looking for customers who can buy it as a scrapper for spare parts.
When i came across this link on Facebook i got again a belief of driving another car soon. I dont believe in being lucky but my God tells me dont loose hope. One day i will drive again. So i decided to chip in and look what Car From Japan is Giving out and am impressed because if its through hard work i will try and win a car. Am doing all my best to ensure people understand the gifts which will be given out including six month coupons. Am now working under hard time without my vehicle but i trust my insticts soon i will be back and i can see my self driving a car from Car From Japan.
Thank you all for this moment expressing my feelings towards the accident i got.
Be blessed all and have Fun.

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