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Raphael Mgonja from Tanzania message

Raphael Mgonja from Tanzania message
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I am very glad to be in this competition,which will enable me to win A CAR FROM JAPAN , Cars from Japan are very strong and economic cars of petrol/diesel, that’s why mostly people from Africa especially in Tanzania are like to buy cars from JAPAN. Japanese used cars are used cars but when you look at them,they looks like brand new cars, and this is why people always like to buy used cars from JAPAN. I think I should be picked as a winner of this competition because i already follow all instruction which i supposed, and far from that I would like to be picked up as a winner because its my dream to own a car from JAPAN although for now my financial does not allow me to buy a car, so if i win a car i will be so happy to be the one of people who own cars from JAPAN, One of my dream car from Japan is Mark X,year 2005 , I real like this car and only me but also mark X cars have a huge market in Tanzania, now a days everyone especially artists from Tanzania own Mark X. I always believe in CARS FROM JAPAN, I think a company should provide service nearly to their customers,for example company should have some show rooms branches which will only contains different CARS FROM JAPAN, in all African countries,that will easily rich service to their customs, Japanese used cars are always strong and economic cars we all prefer to own at list one or even more cars from japan,moreover i would to advise my government as a Tanzania government to minimise the port taxs,especially tax’s of importing cars, I am saying this because a customer can buy a car direct from Japan used car with a good price,example some one can buy a car of 2000 USD but when you come to import that car in Tanzania the tax is being high than the price of the car.CAR FROM JAPAN you should pock me as a winner because i think i have done all you wanted me to do as a nominee,its time to turn my dream into reality to my dream car from the most favorable country for making quality products

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