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Ramadhan Mohamed Bakari from Tanzania message

Ramadhan Mohamed Bakari from Tanzania message
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My name is Ramadhan, I am from Tanzania. The country where love and peace is our biggest treasure. I am are proud of being an African, Since I am in Africa, I live and experiencing the same life as other Africans.
I was born in 1990, 12th of April. On the age of 7 I started standard 1 on the school which is almost 4KM away from home. It was 1997, where I started walking for education only because we had no any transportation to took me to school.

Seven years of walking when i was in Primary school, Four years of walking when i was in Ordinary Level Secondary School, Two years of walking when i was in Advanced Level Secondary School and another Three years of walking when i was in university. I graduated on September, 2014.

It was 2015 where I decided to think of having a car. I cant walk right now as I used to before, not because I do not have ability to walk. It is just because the place where i walk is more far than the place I used to walk when I am in school.

I use Public transportation where by I must wake up late Midnight to prepare myself to find transport so that i might not arrive on work late. Sometimes it took 60 to 120 minutes standing waiting for transport because of fewer number of vehicles compared to number of people using it.

It was march, 2016 where I decided to save money from my salary of $159 to buy a third hand cars here in Tanzania but still the money do not get enough.
It is this time where I started to explore myself to these JAPANESE USED CARS almost each day of the week just to see.

I have been through dealers like carfromjapan, Befoward, tradecarview, sbtjapan, carjunction for some times until I became familiar with this websites. From those websites I found your Site, which is CAR FROM JAPAN has something that other sites do not have.

Unlike Beforward, who having some cheap cars, very cheap cars but the problem is many of their cars can not survive when they arrive Africa. The condition of their cars are not good. What i found from CAR FROM JAPAN is they offer cars very reasonable and affordable prices to the quality cars where they can be reused again to the other countries even with a guarantee of better performance of those cars.

CAR FROM JAPAN is user friendly, that even a first time user can navigate Himself/herself in it and finds his/her dream car with each specifications they need.

With all I wrote above, my life time experience I have on the troubles I had and I am still having on the transport issues. By making me a winner you could help me change my lifetime career and at least i will be free from this lifetime troubles I had. It will a remarkable gift that i wont forget until the end of my life.

I hope everything will be OK. I am wishing you a good day.

Ramadhan M. Bakari

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