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purity onchanah from Kenya message

purity onchanah from Kenya message
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Thanks for letting us participate on this “car from Japan” for some of us its a dream come true if you are awarded a car. You know sometimes its expensive to buy and own a car,so this can help many of us who have applied and tried their luck,it better to lose after trying than lossing without trying,like i said before everyone out there is trying his or her luck,and me being one of them am trying my luck and i pray and hope for the best,to my fellow applicants i wish you all the best too.
I know i will qualify for this because also my country imports cars from japan. Indeed they are good and durable cars and they are worth having. CAR FROM JAPAN has made it possible for me to have my dream car from Japan and am very happy and grateful. I would like to thank you for makina our dreams come true,am very humbled. Thanks and I hope I will qualify and will be awarded. Thanks and big up!

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