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proscovia Naluyima from Uganda message

proscovia Naluyima from Uganda message
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A car from Japan is a strong durable car. I have driven it before, most Ugandans drive Japanese used cars because they are good for our bad roads in Uganda.
Most of them have great fuel consumption, the spare parts are easily accessible in my country and most garages are designed to repair cars from Japan.
If i win this car, i want to give it to a couple that are in need of a car. They have been married 17 years, had to wait 12 years to get a baby, and now they have been struggling financially to get a car.
They look after so many other children and it becames hard to travel to a simple place like church in public means.
I wish i could afford to buy them a car, since I can’t, i have decided to apply to win one for them.

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