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Priscilla Njeri Kangata from Kenya message

Priscilla Njeri Kangata from Kenya message
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I am glad to be invited to join in the giveaway. I am a seasoned dealer here in Kenya and this vehicle would introduce me to the quality of your cars, the shipping process will introduce me to your excellent customer service and timeliness. The shipping process will give me a chance to interact with your knowledgeable, competent and professional staff. After I have gone through the whole experience I’ll become your ambassador here in Kenya taking into consideration that we are a major export market. I’ll introduce you to fellow dealers, importers, brokers and businesspeople here. In case you are interested in opening an office here in Nairobi or Mombasa I could help you to locate appropriate business premises, appropriate staff and advice you on the government requirements to operate in our country. Ours would be a mutually beneficial relationship and you’ll have a friend for life in me. Lastly I being a girl I love a free gift so I would love for you to pick me out. Thank you for your consideration.

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