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Polite Ndlovu from Zimbabwe message

Polite Ndlovu from Zimbabwe message
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I think you should pick me as a winner because I will do my utmost to spread the brand of Car From Japan so that it has strong market penetration in my country Zimbabwe. As a suggestion, I think if the campaign is also based on other social media such as whatsapp, it will reach more people. In Zimbabwe more people visit and use Whatsapp daily that they go on the intetnet for Facebook or twitter. Consider a Whatsapp based campaign also.

On the second question, I think as I are aware, people are generally apprehensive about buying online due to scams etc… Other companies such as BeForward and SBT have set up offices here in more than just the capital in order to give confidence to clientele. Also big billboards and marketing campaigns with incentives and agents selling your products could improve your presence in Zimbabwe. Donations to schools and hospitals could also improve your legitimacy and visibility here.

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