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Phylis Kiruri from Kenya message

Phylis Kiruri from Kenya message
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Hi there Lan,
It is an honor to be part of your competition,personally i have never taken part of a competition such as this, it is my first. Really I look forward to this and honored that I am recognized as a competitor in the competition by your company.
You should pick me as the winner because I am a person who in good faith has taken part in the competition. In the previous paragraph you have noticed that i do not take part in competitions mostly because I think they are not true or honest. But your competition is international not national, reaching me all the way in Kenya which makes a big difference in my choice to partake in the competition. Also another reason is that I have heard good comments about your company and its products.
I think it will be awesome to own a car that comes from Japan mostly because I am aware it will be adaptable to the roads in my country. Added advantage will be a car that has been driven in my most favorite movie, HIT MAN AGENT47 2
Thanks a bunch,
Phylis Kiruri.

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