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Phoebe Mudereki from Zimbabwe message

Phoebe Mudereki from Zimbabwe message
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I think you should pick me as the winner first because I have complied with all the requirements of the competitions. Secondly, I think through your organisation God will use you to at least make me a proud owner of a vehicle and make my life convenient and will never forget your company for this long awaited gift for the rest of my life. Thirdly it will be the first time in my entire life to win a competition, that will be a dream come true. Last but not least, I want to support CAR FROM JAPAN by advertising on their behalf through sharing their website on my social platform as well as when I will be driving the car I would have won.
CAR FROM JAPAN is a very good company because it offers very affordable services such that even poor people can afford to own a car. By giving back to the community through competitions, is a kind and generous gesture from a company which shows that the company has people at heart always.

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