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Peter Njoroge from Kiribati message

Peter Njoroge from Kiribati message
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I am the best placed to market japanese vehicles in my locality, many young men with money are getting confused which make of cars to buy, and me as an opinion leader in my area, they will take my advice very seriously and buy japanese cars.
Japanese cars are hardy, tough that can survive kenyan roads, they are fuel efficient and their spareparts readily available and cheap.
being declared winner will boost the morale of very many other people, and see the reality and need for joining this competition from my locality, its one way of building their confidence in this and future competitions, cars from japan are loved by people here, any time, when one is on the road, the probability of seeing a japanese vehicle is always 97%,japan has a brand of vehicle that has realy given people excellent
if i win this time round, it will be a testimony to the 3% that japanese vehicles are the best, the king of the roads especially the ones not tarmacked, as is the case in my locality, it will be a test to confirm that the vehicles are strong and can withstand any type of road, i stongly feel i should be declared the winner, as there is soo much to learn from this

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