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Peter Myambo from South Africa message

Peter Myambo from South Africa message
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Oh thank you so much for the opportunity to talk to you and in as much about my beloved company and above all Japanise Cars .
l am in love so much with a lot of brands from Japan . l grew up very much in fond of Landcruser , Mitsubishi cars and a lot more yes and given this chance to be in this competition gives a light to own one since l couldn’t afford to buy one so far but with faith l thought that one day l will drive a beautiful car .

l deserve as well to represent you here as a brand marketer , imagine someone who never had a car and all of a sudden you get an awesome four wheels to cruise around on , definitely thats something that will draw much attention and people would love and want to understand how did l got it , so its a big chance as well to market Cars From Japan in my entire area that l am willing to be the tourch bearer .

l have here seen you have a big range of merchandise of different cars that caters for everyone , every age and taste . That make Car From Japan a fatherly name in this business thats anyone can enjoy to do business with especially because of the good if not the best prices on the market .

once again thank you so much for the chance you gave to write you and l will be much happier to be one of your winners when the day comes . l am really looking forward to work with you soon .

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