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PETER KANYORO from Kenya message

PETER KANYORO from Kenya message
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As an ardent admirer of cars from Japan and more so those from CAR FROM JAPAN, I must admit that am extremely humbled by this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to own one car of my own. I must admit am a regular visitor of your site just to check whether my dream can be a reality in your stock of Japanese used cars and this to me is the best opportunity ever.
Am sure you would want to be part of my long term success story which revolves around taxi business.As a resident of Naivasha town which is one of the upcoming tourist destinations in Kenya and world over, I have carried out a feasibility study and realized that there is need for a reliable means of transporting world class tourists such as Facebook CEO who recently toured the area. This need can be adequately catered for by CAR FROM JAPAN. So how does this connect with this campaign? By awarding me one of the cars that will be offered, it will form the basis of establishing a reliable taxi/ car for hire business and with my keen management skills,I will purchase many more from your ever admirable stocks and eventually grow to a world class holding providing means of earning a livelihood to not only me but also many more needy cases through direct and indirect employment.
As an assurance, I will be a true ambassador of CAR FROM JAPAN and look forward to a true long lasting ties with CAR FROM JAPAN.
I have no doubt that CAR FROM JAPAN has provided a good platform for purchasing and importing reliable cars in all categories world over and therefore cannot be compared to any other. Much appreciation for this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY and looking forward to my dream becoming a reality by you choosing me as the eventual winner. Long live Kenya, long live Japan, long live CAR FROM JAPAN

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