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Percy Musyoki from Kenya message

Percy Musyoki from Kenya message
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i love Japanese used cars. It is and has always been my dream that one day i will own one Japanese used car. For the last six years i have been on the website searching and viewing all car from japan. I have talked about and recommended my friends about Japanese used cars and they appreciated a lot.They are the best car from Japan i have ever known, and quite easier to import from car from japan, due to a long time excellent relationship with Japanese government with our country, Kenya and the best customer service. I always talk to sales agents from Japanese car companies and get updates on new stocks, and am very happy for their patience and guidance.
I hired cars made and bought from Japan during my last two anniversaries and the events were very colorful.
Unlike other Japanese used car companies, i find Car from Japan very exciting and exceptional in that they give their customers and potential customers exciting offers, huge stocks available to choose from, give the chance to participate in promos and competitions,safe and reliable shipping,and clearing services and safe and quick delivery.
despite increase in import tax and excise duty, we are still buying car from Japan, this is a clear indication that Japanese used cars offer value for our money.
If its a sedan, i will go for Toyota Premio or Avensis, if Hatch back, then it will be Allex, RunX, if Station Wagon then i will get the beautiful Wish, If SUV i will go for Harrier.
Cars from Japan are sweet and excellent especially from Car From Japan, due to their reliability, trusted, serviceability, after sales services especially ease to get spares and skilled mechanics and are appreciated everywhere.
I believe i should win this competition, and start living the dream of owning a Car from Japan and also become a World class marketer of Japanese used cars. I know Car from Japan will make my dream come true. Nevertheless, nothing will change my stand towards ambition and desire to own a Japanese used car, a car from japan.
i thank the sponsors of this competition and also the car from Japan company limited for the great opportunity.

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