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Pendo from Tanzania message

Pendo from Tanzania message
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I am a 23 year old Tanzanian girl who has just completed her diploma in computer engineering, and at the time I have no permanent job. But I have engaged myself into entrepreneurship. I buy broiler chicks then I raise them for about 5 to 6 weeks then I sell them to people in need of white chicken meat. At the time I have 200 chicks with 2 and a half weeks old. By being the winner of this competition it will help me more in my business. Buying the chicks from the dealers is a little bit expensive than buying the chicks from the factory itself. The factory where they produce the chicks it is about a 4 to 5 hour drive. If I would win the competition I would be able to buy the chicks from the factory in lower price and gain a little more from the business am in. Also it will grant me the opportunity to grow the customer base even to other regions and I will be assured to deliver because I have the transportation to deliver with to my customers. Being a 23 year old woman in my country engaging in such business is tricky and seen as a weird thing. But by your help, you help me transform the society minds and help them understand it is possible to be a 23 year old entrepreneur in such kind of business. And to courage youth of my country that it is possible to be unemployed but still employ yourself and prevail in this 21st century by me being an example.

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