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paul wachira from Kenya message

paul wachira from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN are the priority for me. they are well maintained,they are also inspected thoroughly they perform better on kenyan roads as a matter of fact they constitute 97% of vehicles on our roads they have minimum meintainance cost, the reason i should be picked as the winner is because am a very good ambassador of japanese used cars, having been a great admirer of japanese used cars;most of my peers come to me for advice from me hence i would be best suited for the price so that i would be leading and advising from example.east or west japanese cars are the best be it on rough roads or super highways i personaly am a great advent of japanese manufactured vehicles cars from japan are a trusted lot It is a dream for
each people to have a Japanese Car. When I run on the roads and
streets in kenya I found only Japanese Cars are running from here to
there. I am very proud to see these scenery. Some Indian and Chinese cars are running
here in kenyan roads, but it is very small quantity and it is not mention able
visible clearly. The quality of Japanese car is excellent and very its
condition is very good and proud able. So if anybody wants to buy a car he may
buy a Japanese Car without any hesitation. Oil uses is very low and maintenance
does not require always. Necessary spare part are available in worldwide and it’s
spare part’s price are very cheap. Maximum Japanese cars are right hand driven.
It’s a plus point for us because the roads in our country are made for using of
cars are right handed. So it is very useful for us. The colour of Japanese car
is very excellent also. Very nice and awesome color, various colour and it is
nice colour. Its seat is very soft, strong, flexible and colorful . The body of
Japanese car is very attractive to everybody in Bangladesh. Very strong and
flexible body. Car from Japan, it is very useful for the poor car’s buyer in
the world like me. Your this advertisement is
very helpful for your company to find out a lot of potential customers. There
is no one in the worl who does not love Japanese Cars. As so as I know maximum
American, European, Latin American, Australian and Asian peoples are choice to
buy and drive Japanese Car. In kenya a poor country and they are
always seeking the car for lower price like your old cars. We salute your this
efforts. I am trying to grow my ranking points and I am hopping my ranking
points will be increased day by day positively to win a car

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