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Pattie Weston from Canada message

Pattie Weston from Canada message
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I think that I should be the winner of CAR FROM JAPAN because I am a hard working student who believes in treating others with respect, compassion, and that there is so much to learn from the people and places around us. I am an artist finishing my BFA at Concordia University and I would use this car to travel from city to city expand my horizons, learn about new cultures and ideas, and network as an artist. I would get to visit exhibitions and meet all kinds of people. I would also use this car to visit national parks and discover more of the natural world and witness the beauty outside the city. I think CAR FROM JAPAN is an incredibly generous offer, and I would be so grateful if I were chosen. I would happy to represent your brand as a young, curious person who believes in self-determination, that we can do anything if we put our minds to it. I’d promote CAR FROM JAPAN with the upmost integrity and professionalism.

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