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Patrick Odhiambo Kokonya from Kenya message

Patrick Odhiambo Kokonya from Kenya message
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Let me take this opportunity to most sincerely thank CAR FROM JAPAN CO., LTD for running a Business Promotion dubbed “Car Giveaway Summer 2016 campaign” from Japan.

Indeed, this is an opportunity to engage My Beloved Country, Kenya (East Africa) and other African countries and the Business Community in Japan.

I must say that this Campaign is running on the backdrop of the just concluded Tokyo International Conference of African Development (TICAD) VI Conference that was taking place in Nairobi, Kenya bringing together ALL African Countries and Japan for the common good of the Japanese and African Nations. In a nutshell, this conference brought together the Heads of State and Government and delegations of Japan and 54 African countries together with the representatives of 52 other partner countries, 74 international and regional organizations, representatives of the private sector and civil society organizations (CSOs) from both Japan and Africa who met in Nairobi, Kenya, 27-28 August 2016, for the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI). The Conference was Co-Chaired by the Japanese Prime Minister, His Excellency Shinzō Abe and Kenyan President, His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta.

Japan being a great trading partner of many countries of the world is indeed improving Business and Economic her position in the world hence initiatives such as the Marketing Products, especially, Japanese Used Cars is important and key to development.

The TICAD VI for instance will ensure that African Countries benefit from a over $33 billion (Sh3.3 trillion) bounty which the government of Japan has pledged to invest in the continent in the next three years to boost economic diversification and industrialisation, infrastructure development, increase power generation, and improve human resource development.

And as that happens, need to export into the country Cars from Japan will be critical to support the local African infrastructure and businesses. It is important to note that Kenya in particular, was the biggest beneficiary after Japan promised to advance the country Sh10 billion in grant and aid for various developmental projects.

Kenya and Japan signed trade investment agreements and tax treaties and to reinforce the development of power generation. The two countries also signed a protection of investments agreement that will spur the growth in the country. Furthermore, Kenya is one of the 26 African countries and international organisations which signed part of the 73 Memorandum of Understanding with 22 Japanese private companies and agencies. This is therefore an opportunity for a Company like Car From Japan., Co. Limited can also leverage by investing in Kenya and Africa in general.

Since Japan committed herself on the area of quality infrastructure, she is commited to construct and manage quality transport infrastructure, such as ports, maritime corridors, airports, railroads, bridges and trunk roads. This means that there will be heavy need of investment in Motor Vehicle industry as well. This is in a direct challenge to China, which has slowly been gaining a foothold in Africa. Japan’s pledge to invest $10 billion (Sh1 trillion) in grand projects like Mombasa/Northern transport corridor in Kenya, the Nacala corridor in Mozambique, and the Growth Area in West Africa and others will indeed boost the economies of the African Continent.

Raising productivity: Japan will be introducing effective working methods in Africa, such as Kaizen, which engage workers in raising productivity, improving standards and ensuring total quality management in production. The Kaizen initiative will aim to improve productivity by 30 per cent at factories and other industrial sites and companies like Car From Japan., Co. Limited will play a critical role as well through export of motor vehicles.

Japan will be providing training to over 30,000 people in Africa who will get involved in industrial activities to become a core of economic activities, through providing the opportunity of research, practical learning and businesses experience; as promised by the Japanese Premier.

Since the Asian country will be training 1,000 people to promote public awareness for intellectual property in Africa and another 20,000 mathematics and science teachers to enhance the basic level in the field of science and technology, the Car From Japan., Co. Limited must be on the frontline to bid for business.

Furthermore, to build a peaceful and stable Africa, Japan will implement measures amounting to Sh50 billion to offer vocational training to 50,000 people as part of human resource development. Africa wants to move away from the culture of alms towards cooperation and development with partners to fast track growth and development.

In summary, the TICAD Conference had Strategies from cross cutting areas including:-

  1. Empowering youth, women and persons with disabilities: by provision of quality education and requisite skills for youth and women could be a driving force for structural economic transformation and industrialization.

  2. Promoting science, technology and innovation: Science, technology including ICT, and innovation are useful tools for realizing sustained quality growth in wide range of sectors including, not only in high value added industry but also in areas such as food security, health, climate change, other environmental issues as well as social stability. It could also be used to address security challenges.

  3. Human resource development: Affirming that human resource development is a key catalyst for economic transformation.
  4. Advancing public-private partnerships between public and private organizations to help to maximize development results.
  5. Engaging private sector and civil society by recognizing the crucial role the private sector plays in accelerating rapid economic growth, creating decent jobs and promoting human resource development and enhancing exchanges in the areas such as economy, education, culture, sport and science. Civil society engagement, including volunteer opportunities, needs to be further promoted.
  6. Strengthening institutions and good governance: Good governance, as well as democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law that are fundamental bases of development. Having siad the above, it is therefore imperative that CAR FROM JAPAN CO., LTD remains on the frontline for a charm Business Offensive through initiative such as “Car Giveaway Summer 2016 campaign” from Japan to remain economically relevant. Thank You. Patrick O. Kokonya, Nairobi, Kenya.

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