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Patrick Njoroge from Kenya message

Patrick Njoroge from Kenya message
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Hi CAR FROM JAPAN,I really think you should pick me as your winner in this competition because i love cars from japan.Secondly i love speed and racing in safari Rally but i dont have the capital to buy a car in that i can start participating in those Rallies but i attend most event as an onlooker and admirer of those racing machines.I would be greatful and most thankful if i won a car in this competition.Thirdly, let me take this opportunity to thank you guys for giving me this chance to participate in this competition and also for being the best providers of quality cars for a long period of time.Japanese used cars are the most affordable and long lasting cars on the market, it also has a wide range you can choose from and they provide you with everything you need at a reasonable price.Thanks in advance CAR FROM JAPAN

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