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Patrick from Tanzania message

Patrick from Tanzania message
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Because i real love car from Japan, car from Japan either is new or Japanese used car are very strong. Apart from me many people in my country also love car from Japan because large percentage of Tanzanian people use Japanese car. Car from japan are very strong and attractive. Sure i real love it and appreciate it.
Secondly, by picking me as a winner i can helps many people using Japanese car because my people in my ward they don’t have cars, so i need a car to help other people and for my side it will be a great aid because i came from a poor family and i am an orphan of both parents. so through this i can help my young brother and other relatives including my neighbors.
Third, because after me to be a winner i will continue to advertise our real product especially Car from Japan or Japanese used car. i will be a good ambassador of car from Japan either new or used.
Fourth, i use real detail so I deserve to be a winner of car from Japan because they some people force detail but for me never. i real love it that is why i use true detail.
Fifth, DREAM. its my dream to own car from Japan. so to be a winner it will be large event to me.
Strong, car from japan are very strong, everyone appreciate that car. Japanese used cars are also very strong.
popularity, Japan is very popular than other nations to produce cars and sell cars to other countries like Tanzania, Kenya, RWANDA, Burundi, Malawi, Angola, Sudan, In general all African countries and other continents like Asia, Europe etc.

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