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Patient from South Africa message

Patient from South Africa message
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Why should be picked as a winner is a difficult question to answer but in simpler terms its because i believe it will be meant to be and well deserved as someone who once tasted importing a Car from Japan and realized his dream of owning a first car from Japan in 2001 and now i had never gotten another opportunity to own another since i had to relocate from Zimbabwe to South Africa for economic reasons, therefore i can be a deservedly winner if i am chosen as a winner.
have always had a soft spot for Japanese vehicle because my first ever car a Toyota Sprinter a Marino i imported it from Japan. to me its still the best ever car i had, only had to resell it since i was relocating from Zimbabwe to South Africa and could not take it along with me. so getting another chance to own a Japanese Used vehicle would mean so much to me as i will forever be passionate about cars from Japan.
For the 10 years i used the Toyota Marino it never gave me any problems whatsoever so i fell in love with Japanese vehicles from then until today. The other lovely thing will be the efficiency of the exporters and i know I will also be assured that it will be delivered without any problems.

Japanese vehicle as they are reliable and dependable. therefore i will know that getting any CAR FROM JAPAN you are assured of problem free driving and peace of Mind. I have used a Japanese Car and want a Car from Japan again.

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