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otiato kelvin david from Kenya message

otiato kelvin david from Kenya message
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Thanks so much for this great chance. Well I love Japan cars because they are of hood quality,they also have a longer lasting period. The cars from Japan are made to wander in both tarmac and all weather roads of africa. Thr are made of metal and their brands are awesome. Just from from a vitz to big cars like porchse,prado,landcruisers etc. Toyota,subaru etc.
In kenya japanese cars have dominated and that realy proves that japanese cars are the best and trusted.
In terms of speed they are awesome..they also offer travelling comfortability,incase of breakdowns or maintanace their spare parts are easily accessed. It nyc usong a japanese car..if i become a winner i will appreciated alot because it has been a dream of my heart. Leys chanbge other peoples lives together in winning a car from japan.thanks alot in advance. Well I have been viewing my rank and for its very appreciating. Well related to course i have persued it involves travelling here and there to some installation of machine,repair,maintanance and servicing. Having a CAR FROM JAPAN will ease my work, imptove my living standard and ofcourse promot my heirachy of motivation to a better place of specialisation interms of people with cars from japan. I really love CAR FROM JAPAN the subaru cars always have a nice acceleration, nice inbuild radio system for easing my comfy life in the vehicle since i love listening to music. It also can move at a high speed and make turning without causing accident.its centre of gravity is well stabilised and ofcourse not forgeting its roaring sound ftom the exhaust pipe.
People with Car from japan always get respect in africa because its always the car infront. It requires little maintanance therefore becoming pocket friendly.

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