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Oswald M.Chalwe from Zambia message

Oswald M.Chalwe from Zambia message
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Car from Japan
I like Car from Japan because i have seen that they are neat and when you look at the interior it looks like or it is not different from the car front the shop which has not been used. Japanese used car are good. The other thing i like at Car From Japan is that, the sales personal are also good, they know how to approach the clients, to make sure the clients are convinced and develop interest in buying the car from Car from Japan. And i have noticed that even the guys in Zambia are also extremely good. The way they handle clients and the way the advertise you can tell that this are qualified staff.
So far i have not heard anyone complaining about Japanese used car from Car from Japan. Everyone just talk encouraging words about Car from Japan.
Let me encourage the campany to continue with the same spirit and also to make sure they open many branches in the cities of Zambia. So that Zambian have the assess to the information of Car from Japan and the buying will be so easy.
The other thing to do is having seminar so that people known more about the Japanese used car.

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