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Omari Omari from Tanzania message

Omari Omari from Tanzania message
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You should to pick me a winner az I will publish this competition to all social networks more than those you mention to us including installation az I already post in Facebook, Twitter, google+ and even in whatsapp and am still telling people the advantages of the competition in order to encourages more people to compete . lastly you have to give me car az I have no even one and I have dream to drive car from Japan so az to advertise more about japan’s cars to the world

   From my thinking and opinion,Cars from Japan are the best according to the number of reasons 

1.)Comfortability.. I heard this from more than 20 people who I know they know much about car’s stuffs
2.)Are most cheap to compare with cars from other country
3.)Availability of their spares and most cheap.. Spare of car from Japan are just out there in such away it won’t take me so long to get them
4.)A lot of Distributors or Dealer of cars from Japan to be easy to buy them
5.)They’re time maker az it won’t take many days to get cars from Japan from Japan from the day you order them

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