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Oleksandr Chernukha from Ukraine message

Oleksandr Chernukha from Ukraine message
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Dear Lan Phan – My name is Alexander Chernukha and I bring greetings from the city of Kharkiv located in Ukraine. I am pleased to take part in the Win a FREE CAR with CAR FROM JAPAN – Japanese cars have always been a guarantee of quality, reliability and professionalism. In the world and in Ukraine as the presence of a Japanese car is an indicator of good taste and the success of its owner. Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to buy a car from Japan, but I hope that through participation in the Projects I can be or the winner of this event, or one of their members received minor prizes that will buy a car less expensive but still in my opinion a good quality and reliability. I believe that such an action is a good and positive for the people of the world mnogoih osbenno people from lower socio-ekonomicheskogo position. This action provides an opportunity and a dream for many people to get a vehicle and make many families happier and believe that miracles are possible, and in real life !!!. I want to express my deep admiration and gratitude to the organizers of the action, and wish good luck to all participants !!!

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