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Nyaaba Priscilla from Ghana message

Nyaaba Priscilla from Ghana message
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I am 31years old Carrier woman with six siblings who depend on me for their survival needs, food, Clothes, school fees and hospital bills making me unable to save money to buy a car. I have always dreamt of owning a car one day so I believe this is an opportunity for my dream to come to pass. Also, growing up in my home country Ghana I knew about Japan motors, cars from Japan and every young man or woman wanted to own a car from Japan because it is durable, comfortable, fuel sufficient, stylish and above all rated higher than most cars in my country. when you come to my country, Japan cars are driven by people in high social class,politicians and the affluents in our society.Cars made in Japan are simply the best and I pray my dream of owning not just any car but a car made from Japan will surely come to pass. Japan motors simply the best!!

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