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ntibizerwa from Rwanda message


Good Morning,
This is an ample opportunity for me to know that I like the product of Japan especially cars. All the marks and models are very nice, attractive and very impressive in the view. I have always hoped to get at least one product for my self and now I see that the opportunity have come on my way. I can express this with my feeling that I deserve this prize to make sure that I testify my love for Japanese products especially cars in their diverse marks and models.

Fist of all, for all the ca manufacturers all over the world, Japanese cars are most affordable and durable. This is testified by many customers around the world. I too can be a witness because I always visits car dealers in japan such as sbs, Gumtree, and others. all these companies sell highly qualitative cars around the world and it is clear that they make the world feel better and comfortable.

Japanese cars are affordable: if you compare Japanese cars be it new or used, the prices are affordable for everyone depending on his pocket. I should be the winner at least to have of the Japanese products in their diversity. They always try to be innovative in technology in comparison with other car making manufacturers.

Many examples are at stake. Toyota has more than three hundred models in diverse marks without forgetting cars for different works (constructions, trucks, lorries, luxurious cars, family cars, cars for public transport, cars for carrying materials, motorcycles,..

Those who have already bought or are owning Japanese cars be a witness that Japanese cars are the most comfortable and less consuming cars. They are made in a way that the fuel or diesel consumption is less that the work executed by the cars.

Concerning the protection and conservation of environment the cars Japanese cars are most efficient in making sure that the ecosystem and the atmosphere is not polluted. Thus making the world livable for every biodiversity. This allows Human being to think on things that are economic and destructive to his life. Therefore Japanese cars have helped in fighting against climate changes through their technological advancement. This importance make me fell convinced that I am the best to enjoy the prize as the winner so that I always get means to travel and testify that Japanese cars are wonderful, best and most enjoyable across my country, regional and internationally.
In today’s world, perception seems to become reality that Japanese cars have won the hearts of everyone because of their quality cars.

Japanese brands built themselves a bulletproof reputation of all the time by building cars that were much more reliable than their competition at the time. Automakers were raking in profits and had little motivation to change their approach to building cars. Toyota and Honda, Mercedes are the clear leaders in terms of quality and reliability.

To lump all Japanese cars into the stereotype that they have the best quality is the reality. the highest-ranked Japanese auto brands have diverse models and marks. Japanese manufacturers are producing competitive products, but the fact of the matter is that so are all manufacturers these days, regardless of their origin. As for the common belief that Japanese cars have the best quality. Offered a chance of winning this prize I would be the ambassador of Japanese cars in Rwanda in East Africa and in Africa in General.

Japan has given the automotive industry of the world lots of great, fast and high quality cars. Japanese car designs always took into consideration the root of Japanese culture, its history and aspirations and regions. I can strongly affirm that Japanese cars can travel any place, slop hills, dusty road, macadam roads and everywhere. The takeover of the Japanese brands over the world market can be affirmed by the quantity of Japanese cars in every country especially African continent where the Japanese cars are suitable to climate and geography of the Africa. Japan decided to change its direction and started designing cars that were completely different from the well-known European models. They did not want to create anything similar to what was already on the market. Such course completely shows high performance of the Japanese brands on the market.

I am really ambitious to be the winner and I really feel that I will be the one to get the prize more especially the car.
I will cooperate with everyone there to make sure that Japanese products are liked and loved across my country and my region.

Kind regard

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