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Nthabiseng Sakhele from South Africa message

Nthabiseng Sakhele from South Africa message
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CAR FROM JAPAN I’m a young African girl of 22 a volunteer in a helping needy opharns, I make money by beauty and clothes selling I struggle highly due to lack of mode of transport, I love travelling. Every year I make it a point to visit a new country since 2014 I love exploring. My set goal is to become a millionaire by age 25. And yes I’m going to make it. I never take failure as an options. I just can’t wait to get my favourite car and shine.
I vision myself in a white and black convertable RANGE ROVER EVOGUE from CAR FROM JAPAN i am in love with its beauty and shape. I can imagen chasing my dreams easily with it. Moreover I’m the last born in my family but I can’t stop imagining myself being the first one to own a ride of such high resolution, I will be so proud to give my dad that ride for my late mum it will be an extraordinary achievement a blessing from Almighty. Japanese used cars have changed and made Africans lifes easier by bringing the best quality cars at affordable prices. Long live to CAR FROM JAPAN

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