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Nsengumuremyi Alphonse from Rwanda message

Nsengumuremyi Alphonse from Rwanda message
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•Why should we pick you as the winner:
I am very delighted to join this competition. You should pick me as the winner because my communication, innovation, collaboration,negotiation and conflict management skills are key and will add value to the team . In my last 6 years experience I had considerable experience in these areas. when I was working as a sponsorship communication data entry clerk at Plan international I both managed to reach and retain 10,000 sponsors and above by proof-reading ,responding queries and ensuring the accuracy,quality and timely communications between sponsored communities from Rwanda and sponsoring nations like UK,USA,Korea etc.I have the right combination of skills and experience for your company. I also bring the additional quality of strong analytical and problem solving ability as shown above. My success at Plan international in achieving 95% of annual production report support this. One of the first things I learned early on was that hard work is the key to success. I recognize that working hard makes the difference and I have put in the hours and effort to make sure that I do better what I am supposed to do.I enjoy talking to customers and helping them find what they are looking for. I would love to become the representative of your brand, products and service in my country, region and if possible in the world .As you know few months ago Rwanda was working with Japan country to see how we can become japanese vehicle port ,I would like to be number one to ethically help you provide,
supply and distribute your products and enlarge the purchasing power in efficient and effective manner in this area.It will attract customers to your company’s products and service thereby boosting sales and profits ,increase productivity and protect the business corporate takeover .Ethical behavior is an integral part of every thing we do in business and treating stakeholders fairly is seen as an essential part of company reputation and addition to This, the business will be creative and well managed corporate and social responsibility programme will be in the best interests of all our stakeholder not just our customers but our shereowners ,employees,customers,suppliers and other business partners who work together with ours.Moreover ,I have intergrity and honest in whatever I do.Having intergrity and honest in business is one important quality for corporate achievement .It means doing the right thing because it is right to do and treating people fairly even when other people are treating unfairly .That is what what makes success of a company and it helps the business remain successful .
This will proves that Japanese have in common business ethic values which is really very special .It will satisfy the customers interest and needs in terms of your product and services delivered to them

•How I think about CAR FROM JAPAN:
One of the things I both know and like for this company is “CAR FROM JAPAN’s goal is “Enriching Lives of people and your reputation for satisfying customers/client’s desires/needs and development. Your success and growth are important values to me. I sincerely believe I am the right person for this car and for this company and i am really interested by your products and service and the way you communicate and reach to us .

Trading Eco-system:
Car From Japan is working to create necessary tools for a better life, available to people in need. It has devoted its self in creating a global ecosystem to trade cars, machinery & parts. In the ecosystem, everyone can buy and import their desired products from Japan or another country with minimum risk & affordable prices. We believe that this trading ecosystem will continue provide necessary tools for a better life, available to people in need & enrich their lives.

Corporate Culture:
This is to satisfy our customers in the best possible way.
To accomplish this, the company encourage its teams and partners to constantly listen, collaborate & innovate:
The company focus is on retaining customers rather than making sales, because it believes that every great business is built upon customer satisfaction.
Communication, understanding & collaboration is the essence of the global team. This enables them to bring out the best qualities from each team member to provide the highest level of services to their customers at a global scale.
They are bold enough to walk the undiscovered path, humble enough to keep learning, and ambitious enough to never settle down with the current “good”. Hence, They continuously challenge their own common senses to bring out new excellences, making innovation a common culture across their organization.
They are entrusted by hundreds of major Japanese used car exporters across Japan with an unmatched portfolio of cars at bargain prices.
A global team does local business:
At CAR FROM JAPAN, they are very proud of their multi-cultural team. Their live in different time zones and can speak different languages. You would never have any problem communicating with them – there will always be someone who speaks your language. And even lives somewhere near us!
Secure payment. Zero hidden cost. Absolute peace of mind.
CAR FROM JAPAN works for you – the buyer, not the seller. They only release the payment to the seller after the car has been shipped to you. And they work extremely hard to make sure your car is sent to you safely and quickly. In the unlikely event that the car isn’t shipped, you get 100% of your payment back.
Wide range of brands, models and prices:
CAR FROM JAPAN has one of the largest collections of used Japanese cars that you could find on the Internet. And they are aggressively expanding their portfolio to make it grow even larger and faster, everyday. All at unbeatable prices.

I have some reasons behind cars from Japan.1.The designs of Japanese cars don’t become outdated quickly or go out of style very fast.The truth is that they remains performing and functioning for many years that’s why i like them. 2.The quality of cars they produce are outstanding and unbeatable .High quality and good mileage are always my reasons i can buy Japanese cars.3. Fuel-efficiency vehicle is one of the important thing people consider while buying cars.Japanese vehicles are purposely designed to offer that.When one wants a fuel -efficient car,Japanese cars are always the best option .4. Longitivity they dont require much maintenance .Rarely major repairs are required on Japanese vehicle.5.Reliability of Japanese cars have the best track record.Examples are Toyota,Nissan,Honda and Isuzu,Mazda,Mitsubish,Daihatsu.By providing reliable and safe cars ,Japanese automakers have made huge imprints on the hearts of customers.6.The Cost of Japanese vehicles is reasonably placed and they are build with the idea of common man in mind.7.Safety ;When it comes to safety japanese automakers are leading because they are known for developing technologies that raise the standards of automobile safety even higher. It is an amazing gift for me to have a such opportunity because it shows how well you treat us as your customers across the world through emails ,calls ,face book ,tweeter and other social medias .I’ve been dreaming to own japanese vehicle for many times and i think this my chance. Ivisited Japanese vehicle websites for more than 5.You should pick me as the winner because I want to use it helping student from village to university location and it will help me earn money and save for the future investment in selling cars in my country .I also want to represent/market /advertise your business in Rwanda and East Africa as well.I wish to become Japanese car seller in the region and have stock in the small village near the people who dont know about Japanese cars.Japanese vehicles last longer and they are away to repair with their spare parts available anywhere in the word and cost not much money .They also comfortable and innovatively made.I also like your service deliverly system from Japan across the world .For example I’ve been receiving call from Japan asking and discussing me about to buy cars this very good to contact customers .Africa need to profit Japanese vehicle because they have been supportive in difficulty areas and able to work in mountains , sunshine,rain season anr so all and now Japanese cars have advanced technology to help in transportation .Like tv and tracking system,less fuel consuming, electrical cars,less air pollution. I look forward to having regular hours and I am very reliable.

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