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NIGEL JERE from Zimbabwe message

NIGEL JERE from Zimbabwe message
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on a glimpse, all japanese car exporters offer basically the same service which selling cars to us the consumers. You are all competing for the same market and with other exporters like Be Forward already dominating the market it the follows that for Car From Japan has to offer something unique that will set you apart from the rest. Something that will give your customers the ultimate satisfaction. It is by no doubt that Africa is the largest market at the moment, and for any business to prosper its product must be taken by the clients. Knowing your customers is of paramount importance. You should be able to know what they want, offer that, to the right people at the right time. Study the market forces and respond accordingly. For example, in Zimbabwe most banks are no longer processing telegraphic transfers and it has become a nightmare for one to buy a car even if they had the money. In a situation like this i would expect Car From Japan to offer an alternative form of payment like online payment using Visa or Mastercards. this will be an innovative move that will be give you an added advantage over your competitors.

The whole concept of importing Japanese used cars is more like gambling, in that you are buying something that you have not really seen or tested. You are just taking the seller’s word to be in utmost good faith. There is just a lot of risk associated with it. What if the car is faulty? or is not as advertised? There is no recourse, just an online agent to give me some reassurance. No, i dont think that is good enough. Yes the marketing sounds good with all the 100% money back guarantee.But it could be much better if a face was to be put to it. A representative that could ensure confidence in the prospective buyers. If car from Japan could establish a support centre here i think that would give buyers a lot of confidence. Somewhere where they can air their grievances and be heard. i once bought a car from another Japanese used car exporter three years ago and it came with a faulty gearbox. It ended up costing me double the price i bought it for just for the car to arrive home. So you can just imagine how much confidence can i put in such a seller.

Even if i dont get to win the competition it is alright. i just hope you will take my recommendations into consideration to improve your market stance in my country and the rest of the world. Wish you success in your business.

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