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Nhayib Grell from Dominica message

Nhayib Grell from Dominica message
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Hi Lan, you should choose me as a winner because I would live to earn my own car. It would change my life. I would be more independent I would feel so alive owning a car knowing I can go from home to work everday without worrying about money for bus fair and rushing to work. You should choose me because I have never had someone give me anything ever it will feel so good to win something that would be such a confidence booster for my low self esteem. A car from japan would solve so much of my problems. No matter how small or big I would really appreciate it. Car from japan is the best online Japanese used car website. Great prices. The website is very easy to understand and to manoeuvre. And plus giving back in a big way Car from japan is really the best. My fingers are crossed till november. I hope I win. Love you guys.

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