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Nevers Lunda from Zambia message

Nevers Lunda from Zambia message
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_You should pick me as a winner because i like cars from Japan and i always inform my workmates,church mates relatives and friends about Japanese cars and now am going to inform friends on Facebook through the link you provided to me. Apart from that my children can stop admiring other peoples cars and at the moment i don’t have enough money to buy one.I believe this is my opportunity to have one in my life time.apart from that my Children do admire nice cars and each time they admire a car in the presence of their friends,their friends tell them that your father must buy one so that you don’t admire cars that belong to other people. And you know how the children are once the friends tell them that, they always come to me and say DAD when are you buying a car? Our friends were telling us to buy ours and I feel bad but I just tell them that they should wait.One day our car will definitely come.

Cars from Japan are strong and reliable especially Toyota Colora.They last long if am servicing regularly.Apart from that they are cheaper.The spare parts can easily be found in Zambia too. The only disadvantage is that they become expensive when they reach Zambia.How i wish i was living in Japan i would have bought a good nice car. Thanks for Japanese cars for being their for us.

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