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Nelson Onchiri John from Kenya message

Nelson Onchiri John from Kenya message
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I have seen friends driving cars made in japan, and they have an awesome experience. The vehickes are made to last and to offer leisure that cannpt be merged by any other manufacturers. This has continued to increase my desire to have a vehicle made in Japan. I will be honored to be behind steering wheel of a vehicle originating from Japan. The designs and models emanating from Japan is amazing and I will be grateful to be one of the many drivers driving a vehicle made in Japan. The used cars from Japan are very strong, and have been known to offer the much anticipated leisure and comfort to the users. It is interesting for the company to have this initiative, so as to grantan opportunity toindividuals who have not had the opportunity to own a car. This is indeed a sign that, besodes Japan being dedicated to provide durable and strong vehicles, they are also motivated to ensure the society is able to experience their products, by bringing the vehicles to the them.Am more than encouraged to participate and subsequently be among those will win a car from Japan. I have not managed to purchase one, but if win one from Japan, it will be a blessing to me. Looking forward to drive my Ford made in Japan

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