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It is by God’s grace that I can be picked out as a winner. I have completed high school & I am currently volunteering in Trocaire company in Uganda. It aims at counselling and giving moral support to the victims of Domestic Violence. I do move long distances every day to different places in view of helping both children and men and women who are desperate because of Domestic Violence in Homes. Most of these people have no transport to go to places of rehabilitation. I would feel confortable with a car in order to help these people effectively.If I win a car many people will be helped & Blessings will come to your company for your generosity. I kindly request the the company through through the Chief Marketing Officer, Lan Phan, to consider my request.
From experience,most people with Japanesse cars say that they are durable,have access to spare parts, their fuel consumption is pocket freindly, have got very good engines and their inbuilt systems do operate efficiently and more other positive comments have been made on cars from Japan.
Thanks in advance,
I remain yours;
Ndyomugabe Maritazari
Volunteer Trocaire Uganda
Kampala- Uganda.

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