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Natasha Pope from Zimbabwe message

Natasha Pope from Zimbabwe message
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Why should we pick you as the winner? I would love to be picked as the winner of a car from Japan as I have always dreamt of buying a car from Japan, but just have not had the finances to do so. I do have a Honda CRV car from Japan which a friend has lent to me and I have found it to be in the best condition and I love it so much. I think cars from Japan are well serviced and taken care of and when sold you tell people the truth about the condition of the car and you have spares available when even they are needed. I have never won anything before and this would make all my dreams come true. I will in the future buy a car from Japan and I have told all my friends who are looking for a car from Japan to use your company as what they want is always available and the prices are very reasonable and you really get what you pay for. I love Japanese used cars.

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