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Nassoro Chakujela from Tanzania message

Nassoro Chakujela from Tanzania message
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Hello Car From Japan,

First I’d thank you personally and Car From Japan for bringing this wonderful opportunity. I have no doubt, I am already a winner just waiting “a go ahead” to represent Car From Japan so as the ultimate goal of Enriching Lives is fully attained.

I am Online Freelancer and Digital Marketer with very aggressive but decent social media marketing experience. The world has completely changed with a cyber community growing day after day especially in Africa.

Car From Japan needs a winner with competency in the use of social media engagement as its representative. If I become a winner, and undoubtedly I will, I will strongly utilize my competency in social media marketing to represent the company, and I mean it.

Sounds like am applying for the job! Hell no; am applying for “a go ahead never miss” opportunity to join a force with a goal of Enriching Lives and for what I see, Enriching African Lives basing on the fact that, according to Alexa Ranking, has more traffics from Africa!

So, being a Winner and thus a Car From Japan Representative means establishing more and more company awareness to the public and consequently driving more loyal customers who will drive more sales. We need more sales to make the goal of Enriching African Lives being live and not survive!

Ooops! There’s this thing– Car From Japan! Does it sound like some kind of ambiguity? Nah… I mean not! It’s all about TWO vital info when we talk about Car From Japan. You know what I mean?! First we talk about DREAM CAR from Japan. Yes, we all at different times dream of having a CAR FROM JAPAN not only because they are affordable with very optimal fuel consumptions but also due to the wide availability of their spare parts in almost every town.

But look; should one board a plane to Japan to have your dream CAR FROM JAPAN?! Unless you’ve something else otherwise the only reliable and most trustable source to have your dream CAR FROM JAPAN is at your online car showroom widely known as CAR FROM JAPAN as well… confusing?! Chill out… they’re just identical twins; 100% identical supporting for each other! You want your dream Car From Japan shop it directly through Car From Japan website which is the best and trustable platform to trade Japanese used cars. Customers from all over the world can find and buy Japanese used cars, machinery & parts from Car From Japan!

Anyway, can anyone reading this advice me on the best car driving school in Dar es salaa?! LOL! Just kidding but I can just end by saying Car From Japan is your best online market place to import your best dream car from Japan.

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